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The Settlement at Willow Grove is hosting a "Most Adorable Dog Contest" for its residents. Each vote = $1 and all proceeds benefit Dante's Hope Animal Rescue! 

Contest Schedule and Activities

Sunday, September 24

  • Voting begins right on this page!

  • Contest Kick-off Event from 3pm to 5pm
    Join us at The Village at Willow Grove to meet the adorable contestants, enjoy live music (courtesy of Pizza Byronz) and snowballs, plus door prizes and Dante's Hope adoption tent

Tuesday, October 10

  • "Dine for Dogs" at Bistro Byronz
    A portion of your bill will be donated to Dante's Hope!

Saturday, October 28

  • And the most adorable dog is... 
    The winner will be announced at a Halloween Concert

Ryan and Tina Rogers

My name is Teddy Bear but my family and friends call me Teddy. I just turned 1 year old in January, so there are so many new things that I am getting to experience and learn. I adore attention and love people. I get very excited when I walk around SWG and meet new friends. I especially like it when I am sunbathing on my front porch and visitors come by. I ask my mom and dad to go outside by barking at the front door. I have actually been named "Front Porch Teddy" by a few! I LOVE when our mail lady comes by in the afternoon and talks to me. I hear other dogs talk about they want to chase her, but I really like her and she has become my friend. 


I love my toys and some of my favorites are the stuffed animals, especially the ones I can destroy within 5 minutes of the time my parents give them to me. I know they are proud of me, so I do my best to destroy them and get all that stuffing out. My absolute favorite toy is definitely an empty plastic water bottle. I usually make it well known that I am waiting for someone to finish drinking, so then I can then chase it around as it rolls until I crush it, then mom and dad says it is flat enough to put in the recycle bin. I try to do my part to help recycle.

My love for riding in cars is apparent, as I will go in the garage and wait by the car door when I see my mom and dad getting ready to go somewhere. I know that they want me to go every place with them, but they sometimes tell me that puppies are not allowed to go where they are going. I believe them, but can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want a fun puppy like me to visit. On the car rides mom puts the window down when we get into SWG so the wind can blow through my hair. It is refreshing and we sometimes ride around the subdivision so I can do this a little longer. I LOVE IT!

My walks usually consist of some cardio between seeing squirrels and trying my best to catch them or going to the back of SWG to the lakes to play fetch with mom and dad. Mom throws the ball and I return, then dad makes me sit to gives me a treat. They say it is healthy for me, but then I wonder if it is so healthy fetching, then why aren’t they doing it. Oh well, I love my time at the lakes and getting treats, so if it healthy, then I guess I will keep doing it.

My mommy and daddy are the most special humans to me and I enjoy my days with them. When it comes to night time, it is always great to know that as everyone prepares for bed, that I get to accompany them. I have a massage bed that is so relaxing and after a hard day of play and visiting, I will even ask to get in bed before them so I can get my beauty rest. I am a snuggler most of the time, but there are those times when I like to have my space. I burrow my special blank until it is all fluffed the way I want it, then I settle in. You always know that I am in full REM sleep when I am on my back and all four paws are in the air. I know I am in my happiest place with my humans, so not a worry in the world.

I am in this contest to support Dante’s Place and hoping to bring awareness to all humans out there, that a puppy in their life can really be one of the best things that can happen to a family! I know I have done my best to make my human’s happy and they do their best to make me the happiest puppy in the world!

Please vote for me. I know I am the most adorable dog in SWG and I want to be your forever friend.
- Front Porch Teddy

Tracey and Dennis MacGown

My name is Samantha Lynn but my family and friends call me Sam. When I was 1 ½ years after spending time on the streets a kind man found me on a snowy night and took me to Companions Alliance. That’s where my forever mom found me. I was scared to go to her and my daddies house, would they be kind to me or like my last family. I spent the first three weeks hiding under the Christmas tree and hiding food for later. Little did I know I hit the doggie lottery and found the best family ever!


I learned how to fly on a plane, stay in hotels and spend time traveling the US. My mommy and daddy take me everywhere they go. It was easy to realize that if I was good, I got to go with them. I’ve already been to 22 states but soon that will be 31. I love traveling and seeing new places and meeting new people. I especially like our winter time in Florida and the dog beach.

My mommy and daddy have taught me how to be nice to people and never beg for anything. I think people are nicer than dogs so I gravitate to people. I jump up and down every time mommy comes home or when her friends visit. Maybe, I’m part human.

I entered this contest in memory of my first dog friend I made in the neighborhood. Roxy Racer she was my best friend and she passed away last year and I hope everyone knew her and loved her how I did. Her mom helped me become the dog I am today.

Please vote for me. I know I am the most adorable dog in SWG and I want to be your forever friend!

Katie Harris

My name is Beaux Jurrow Harris and I have the best life ever! My mom got me during the pandemic back in 2020, so I’m a covid baby! When she picked me up, I had no idea how lucky I was! I have lived in the SWG my whole life, and it has the BEST sniffs! My favorite place to sniff is in the park with all of the grass and lots of leaves! I run my household and my family just lives rent free! They LOVE to rub my belly! My favorite spot to get scratched is behind my ears, it feels so good! My favorite food is BACON and I get so excited when I hear the words that my humans have to spell it out for me! My family tries to make me eat healthy and feed me blueberries but they are so stinking gross! I always turn my nose at them! I love to snuggle up on rainy days and watch animal planet with my mom! My favorite hobby is napping! Even though I sit around and do nothing all day, I’m always tired and ready to curl up on my cozy bed! My worst fear is the car, I HATE it! But I do like to feel the breeze in my hair! My neighbor, Bear, is my BEST friend, and we always park at each other over the fence in our backyard! My mom LOVES to dress me up in silly costumes, but I put up with it because I love her SOO much!


Please vote me for most ADORABLE dog in SWG, because Beaux is the way to go!

Jennifer Morgan and Ainsley Bernhard

My name is Puppy, yes... just Puppy. It’s a little embarrassing but it just stuck. I was actually adopted through Dante’s Hope! I was hanging out at PetSmart one Saturday hoping to find my forever home, then I saw her and she saw me. It was love at first sight! This beautiful sweet little girl leaned down and starting crying. She told her mom, “this is the one." She choose me!!! I call her my person because I love her so much. My person seems to like medium brown dogs with great big eyes. I look a lot like her sweet dog named Jack that went to doggy heaven before she found me. My mom and my person fostered lots of dogs through Dante’s Hope and found them forever homes. I was a very grateful foster failure.

If you see me walking with my mom and my sister in SWG, I will assume that you want me to run up and say hi to you. Doesn’t everybody love me? I certainly love everyone! I have a few special quirks… at least that’s what my mom calls them. I like to jump up and walk around the kitchen island. I want to be face to face with everyone so I can offer kisses and possibly steal some food. I don’t see why people say that’s weird.

I am the most adorable dog in SWG even if I have a few extra pounds on me at the moment. Please vote for me!

Missy and Frank Carney

Hi, my name is Rex, but I will answer to Bubba and even Sexy Rexy! I have lived in Willow Grove for 10 years and my mom adopted me when I was 6-8 months old from Friends of the Animals, so I am about 10 and a half. At the time, Orvis was sponsoring dog adoptions at their site in Perkins Rowe, and my mom had gone to deliver medicine from her recently deceased dog, Rainy. She saw me stealing toys from some of the other adoptable dogs there. I was sneaky and she instantly fell in love with me. The feeling was mutual. My adoption papers said I was part Schnauzer but later, dog DNA said I was two parts dachshund with poodle and Shih Tzu mixed in, but what I really look like is a long Wirehaired Dachshund. Pretty cute, huh?

I am hopelessly devoted to my mom, and when my new dad moved in four years ago, he started calling me Oedipus Rex because I was really hesitant to go anywhere without my mom. My mom likes to walk and because our house doesn’t have a yard, we walk a lot (hopefully 10,000 steps). I’m usually out about four times a day and even with my short legs, walk all over the neighborhood and know a lot of the people and dogs in the subdivision. I mostly like smaller dogs as sometime the bigger ones intimidate me. Most dogs, even Ace who doesn’t like any neighborhood dogs, likes me because I’m not pushy or threatening. 


People don’t need to ring our doorbell because I have great hearing and alert my people to the front door. When the door is opened, I will usually run and get a toy to carry around until the person might be willing to pet or scratch me. Most of my toys have been shredded within minutes of being new except for one, Clifford the Big Red Dog. He has been around for 10 years and looks a little rough, but he’s my favorite. At night, I carry him around in my mouth whining until I find a good place to stash him!

I have several good dog friends in the back of the subdivision: Hamish, Bear, Dolly and Lucy are my favorites. Bailey, who is my mom’s granddog, comes over a lot and because she is only 3-4 years old, gets me running around the house and playing with my toys.


My favorite place to be scratched is on my back near my tailbone, and my dad is really good at that! I even stand next to him so he’ll scratch my back! I sleep in my own bed at night and am not much of a cuddler. Riding in cars is fun, but the windows need to be rolled down so I can see out better. Otherwise, I’m a pill in the car. I love treats, and I’m pretty good at remembering who has them, even which house they live in.

My biggest drawback is that I don’t like to get my feet wet, so when it rains, I drag my feet and refuse to go out. My mom entered me in this contest because she thinks I’m a really cute, lovable dog. I’m friendly and an old soul with big brown eyes that make dog people really like me. Willow Grove has been a wonderful neighborhood for me and my mom and now dad. Having a dog in this neighborhood is a great criteria for
getting out to meet others.


Please vote for me!

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