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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read thoroughly to understand our adoption process.

What are your basic adoption requirements?
  • Must be 21 or older to adopt, or have a guardian present. Proof is required.

  • Current dogs must be up to date on shots, heart worm prevention, and must be spayed or neutered. Vet proof is required.

  • A fully, secured fenced yard is a requirement. Apartments ok for certain dogs.

  • Pictures of your house and yard may be asked to be submitted.

What are your adoption fees?
  • $400 - Puppies 6 months and younger

  • $350 - Dogs over 6 months

What does the adoption fee cover?
  • Initial vet exam

  • Fecal test and dewormer 

  • Age-appropriate shots

    • Dante's Hope provides up to 3 sets of vaccines for puppies. 

    • We provide annual shots for all other dogs over the appropriate-age limit.

    • Rabies shots are included and will be given when puppies are of age and with annual vaccines for adults.

  • All dogs over the age of 6 months are tested for heartworms and you will be informed of heartworm status

  • All dogs are microchipped

  • All dogs are spayed or neutered as age-appropriate

Please note: There may be some procedures performed outside of those outlined which are deemed necessary for the health of the dog at that time. If there is an existing condition for the animal that we are aware of, you will be informed. Please remember that these are rescue dogs and we do not know their full history. It is possible that your dog may have a health related problem that has not been diagnosed.

Where is your rescue located?

Our rescue is completely foster-based. All foster dogs are kept in fosters home to get them ready to be adopted! There is no location or facility. Our fosters are mostly in Baton Rouge, Ponchatoula and surrounding areas.

How long does it take to hear back from Dante's Hope if I submit an application?

Processing applications takes time! We do vet checks and home checks, whether that be in person or on Google. We try to respond to all applications within 24 hours of being submitted. We suggest if you do not hear a response within this time frame to email us!

Do you allow adoptions to families with children under the age of 5?

We have the right to deny any application, but with children this young, we tend to be more picky. It depends on the dog and if we feel it will be fit with the family. Most young kids do not understand how to appropriately handle a dog.

Do you allow out-of-state adoptions?

Yes! Dogs that have been fully vetted may be adopted out-of-state. We require photos of your home and yard. The adopter must come to Louisiana to adopt.


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